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~ Allison D. Reid; Bestselling Christian Fantasy Author

What my author clients are saying:

"Katie at Storyteller Publisher 22, LLC has been a wonderful PA for me for some time now. Keeping up with social media is not my strong suit—thankfully it is hers! My pages stay active and engaging even when I don't have time to maintain them. She also posts about my books regularly in different groups, which helps my sales remain steady. Katie has an eye and talent for graphic design and does a great job putting together promotional images for her posts. She really listens and is attentive to my preferences, suggestions, and most of all, my target audience. It has been such a privilege to know and work with her through the years. I cannot recommend her services enough!"

~ Jenna D. Morrison; International Bestselling Author

"Katie Jenkins is easily a 5                           out of 5.                           As long as she is available, I will never use another PA!"

Colorful Book Spines

Personal Assistant

Are you an indie author or traditional author that has a heavy work load. Do you want to spend more time writing instead of doing mundane tasks that drive you crazy. Then let Katie help you with her services as a personal assistant. She does everything from social media management to cover design. Just let her know what you are looking for for services and she will create you a custom package that includes all your needs. Check out the provided services below to get an idea on what she can offer. If you see that something isn't offered then please reach out through our contact form. 

Monthly Available Services:

Pimping Books on Facebook - 3 Books are included in the basic package. If you want additional things like bookfunnel promos shared in groups there is an additional FEE.

Social Media Management - Will manage up to 2 social media accounts for author with the basic package.

Facebook Reader's Group/Street Team Management - Will manage 1 Facebook group depending on if it is a readers group or street team for individual author. If you have more than 1 then additional charges will apply.

ARC Team Management - I will manage your sign-ups for your ARC team. Will send out ARC copies as they come in and follow up with all readers to verify they are ready to post reviews on specific date. Will maintain the team to keep freebie seekers out of the group. This includes sending out one ARC a month.

TikTok Scheduling - Will schedule your videos to your TikTok page for individual author. If you want me to create videos for you that will be an additional charge due to the time commitment.

Newsletter Management - I will find you books to swap with that fit your genre and verify they share. Also, will help build subscriber list and clean it for inactive subscribers. If you need someone to design your template that you work off of for future newsletters that is included in this service as well. But is limited to 1 design per year. 

Author Takeovers - I will manage your author takeovers that you create for authors to sign-up for for special events like cover reveals, pre-orders, or new releases. Limit of 3 a month. Also, will stand in for author when they sign-up for takeovers other authors throw. This is limited to 3 a month as well. If you want additional coverage there will be an additional fee.

Website Management Service - I will be happy to do monthly updates to your website that are included in the personal assistant services. This is only on request and requires special pricing for your package. Limited to 3 hours a month.

Blog Scheduling Content - I will take the content you create and upload it to your blog on the dates you specify to keep content publishing. This is for one blog only. Limited to 3 hours of service a month. If you go over it will be $20 an hour.

Budget Friendly Customized Packages:

Author packages are customized to the author's needs and their budget. Budget friendly packages will start at $75 and go up from there. 

~ Maria Vermisoglou; International Bestselling Author

"Katie Jenkins is an amazing PA and I can’t recommend her services enough. She is meticulous and plans every last detail to satisfy the customer’s needs. She is a wonderful person who cares about the customer and she will work hard to realize their dreams."

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