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Colorful Book Spines

Available Services


  • 3x Book Promo Graphics - $10.00 (Buy 1, Get 3 Graphics FREE)

  • 5x Book Promo Graphics - $15.00 (Buy 2, Get 5 Graphics FREE)

  • 10x Book Promo Graphics - $25.00 (Buy 2, Get 10 Graphics FREE)

  • 1x Beta Reading Service - $25.00 per 25k (Limited Availability a month)

  • 1x Proofreading Service - First 10 pages FREE. $25 per 25k (Limited Availability a month)

Formatting Ebooks & Paperbacks

Formatting is done using the Vellum software. If you want specially made page breaks and chapter headings an additional charge will apply.

  • Ebooks 25k or less - $10

  • Ebooks & Paperback 25k & up to 100k - $25

  • Box Sets or Anthologies - $50

Author Website Design Starts at $150.00

You will be able to pick your provider. We have worked with Wix, Wordpress, and Bluehost to name a few to create author websites. Service includes graphics made for your specific design for your website. Inquire for services below.

Colorful Book Spines

Recommended Services

Editing Services

Allison Reker - Uplifting Edits

Reason: Allison has been with me since the beginning of my writing career. She not only helped me along the way learn how to edit on my own to better my craft, but she also looks for ways to better the overall plot of the story. She only does clean fiction with the realms of Fantasy so make sure to clear your genre with her when you inquire about services.

Michelle Hoffman - Michelle Edits

Reason: I met Michelle doing box sets by other companies. She edited one of my short fiction pieces I submitted to one. Then I signed-up to do Kindle Vella and she has been with me since. She does a great job finding the errors and noticing spelling issues. Michelle has a fast turn around time that works great for those authors looking for smaller pieces to be pushed out faster, but she is also great for longer works to. Another great thing about Michelle is that she offers affordable prices and does sales regular to help her fellow authors out. 

Paul Davis - Storyteller Davis

Reason: I met Paul through Stephanie Ayers. He worked with several of my authors in a box set I put together and did a wonderful job staying on task. Stephanie Ayers recommended him thousands of times and I believe he is a great addition to this page. I plan to use his services in the future and look forward to experiencing how great an editor he is. Highly recommended by our authors.

Eliza Ames - Private Editor

Reason: Maria Vermisoglou highly recommends Eliza Ames and her editing skills. She has used her on several projects over the years and plans to use her services again. 

Cover Designers

MC Damon - MC Damon Designs

Reason: I found MC Damon on Facebook by joining his group linked to above by his name. He did our Dracos box set book cover and The Grim's Promise as well. He was professional and quick to reply when obtaining the covers. One was a custom job and he was reasonable on price. The other was a pre-made and he did a wonderful job creating it. Highly recommend him as a designer and plan to use his services again in the future.

Reason: RJ is another designer I found on Facebook with great talent. He was in the Blackstone Book Cover group with several other designers. I ended up buy several pre-made covers from him for books I don't know if I will ever get written. He has a solid turn around time and is always doing sales. Plenty of chances to get covers on a budget. Highly recommend him and his talented services.

Taylor Dawn - Sweet 15 Designs LLC

Reason: Taylor Dawn is a talented designer that does pre-mades of all kinds of designs. She does swag items like stickers, notebooks, planners, and cover design. I've used her in the past for box set/anthology covers. She also did the cover for "The Seeker Games." Her prices are really low for the quality she offers in her design. She is the perfect person to go to if you are on a tight budget. Highly recommend and plan to use her in the future to finish my "HBA" series.

Adrijana Cernic - Adriatica Creations

Reason: Maria Vermisoglou has used Adrijana's services for covers through Adriatica Creation before. She loves her work and keeps going back for the professional attitude of the designer and talented imagery that Adrijana is capable of making. The nice thing about joining her Facebook Group is that you get a 10% discount on her covers. 

Jessica Allain - Adriatica Creations

Reason: Maria Vermisoglou used Jessica's cover design services in the past. She loves working with her and keeps going back. She is a very talented designer and keeps her authors happy. Highly recommended.

Psycat - Psycat Covers

Reason: Maria Vermisoglou has bought covers from Pyscat Covers in the past and keeps them always in the mix when she is looking for a new cover. Highly recommended and they always have plenty of pre-mades to inspire you as an author.

Milo - HiisikoloART

Reason: Maria Vermisoglou used Milo's services in the past and found him to work well with. He is very talented and offers all kinds of pre-mades in his Facebook group. Make sure to check him out and he comes highly recommended.

Personal Assistants (PA)

LJ Redding - Pelican PA Services

Reason: LJ is a big task manager for authors that has a great reputation. She is always giving out advice on how to do everything by the bar while making your career take that step forward. Stephanie Ayers has her as a Personal Assistant for her author career and highly recommends LJ to everyone I know.

Natalie Multi Tasker Freese 


Amanda Johnson-Lyndsey PA - The Bursting Bookshelf Blog

Reason: Amanda is a talented PA that offers a range of services. She has a blog that she features books and authors on regularly along with providing book blog tours. I personal worked with her as an author until I decided to offer my own services as a PA. She was great to work with and always had reasonable prices for her services. Highly recommend her and anything she offers to her authors to help promote them.

Beta Readers

Letizia Secco - @letiziasecco on Fiverr

Reason: She's great at spotting inconsistencies and pointing out things to make the book better. With Leticia's help, the manuscript is polished


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