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Author Submission Guidelines

-Anthology Open for Submission-

Welcome to our Anthology Open for Submission page. Here you will find all the current anthologies we are looking for authors to submit their stories too. If you have any questions please let us know by CONTACT US.


Science Fiction and Fantasy authors are welcome to submit their stories to our current anthologies that we have available. We have deadlines for each anthologies and stories won't be looked at until the deadline has passed. There is a 4 month window for us to go through the submissions to see if your story is a perfect fit for our anthology. You will receive a contract after the 4 month window and notice of when the preorder period will start for the anthology. Right now we don't offer an up front payment to authors for their submissions. But we do leave it open ended. Depending on the performance of the anthology with sales will decide if authors will receive a bonus or not. This means that our funds that we put into the set has to be paid by the royalties first then the remaining profits after 6 months could lead you to a bonus payout. This can range from anything from $5 and up. The purpose of the anthologies is to get new authors in front of more readers. It isn't necessarily about bringing in big profits. We want to invest in you as authors and help get you a boost with your audience.

Publication Rights: First Print Rights, after 6 months all rights revert back to the author.

Cost to Enter: None

Editing: We request that you supply a fully edited piece. If submitted unedited we will look at how much work will have to go into making it publish ready. This can effect your chances of being included in the anthology.

Current Open Calls for Authors

Sorceress' Kiss

Genre: PNR & Dark Fantasy Romance
Theme: Stories featuring a hot MC that falls for a sorcerer/witch.
Word Count: 15k-40k
Target Audience: 18+

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2024

Shadows Witches:
Walk into the Darkness

Genre: PNR & Dark Fantasy Romance
Theme: Witchy romancy stories where they are corrupted by darkness.
Word Count: 15k-40k
Target Audience: 18+

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2025

Fairytale Retellings
(Unknown Title)

Genre: PNR & Romantic Fantasy
Theme: Fairytale Retellings with a hot MC. Shifters Wanted!
Word Count: 12k-30k
Target Audience: 18+

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2025

Manuscript Guidelines

Please submit all manuscripts in the following format:

  • All files should be in Microsoft Word (doc. or docx. files)

  • Font Style:  Times New Roman 

  • Font Size:  12 pt.

  • Line Spacing:  Single

  • Do not use tabs or spaces for indentations.

  • No extra spaces between paragraphs except for scene breaks, POV changes, and time changes.

  • The first paragraph of each chapter should start at the left margin.

  • Chapter numbers should start at the left margin with one empty line after the chapter number. When moving to the next chapter, do not press numerous “enters”. Instead, press Control and Enter at the same time and it makes a page break that starts at the top margin.

  • Mark scene breaks, POV changes or time changes with three asterisks (***) (no spaces in between *'s)

  • Leave one empty line before and after each *** for scene, POV, and time changes.

  • Do not use spaces with ellipses (should be word...word).

  • Use formatted, indented paragraphs only (no tabs or spaces). See below for instructions.

Please DO NOT:

• Use ANY song lyrics; it is a copyright infringement.
• Use email addresses—real or fake
• Use tabs or spaces for indentations
• Use spaces with ellipses (should be word...word)
• Use spaces with em dash.  (Example: Feeling violated, she hurried to her locker to get dressed, but found it wide open and her bag containing all of her stuff—clothes, phone, and keys—all gone.)  For PC: type the word--word (no space before or after dashes) For MAC: use shift + option + (- button, next to the 0) all at the same time to create appropriate em dash. 


​* Author bio/logo/photo
* Story blurb, genre and word count

* What anthology you are submitting too
​* Prior publishing credits
* A reversion of rights letter if your book has been previously published by another publisher that clearly states the rights are yours and yours alone


Thank you for your submissions!
Katie Jenkins
Storyteller Publisher 22, LLC

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