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Thank you for coming to Storyteller Publisher 22, LLC’s website. Here you will find the authors we are working with to publish in the world along with box sets and author services we offer. Right now, this is the home base for International Bestselling Authors K.M. Jenkins and Ben Merical. You can check out their published works on their author page

You can stop by our Author Service’s Page to see what we offer for authors around the world. We also offer promos, and a directory of services from trusted sources we have used in the past.

Storyteller Publisher 22, LLC publishes box sets, anthologies, and hosts writing contests for fantasy authors. Sign-up for our monthly newsletter so you get notified when we have a new set or contest going into publication.

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Beyond Starlight

An Alien Fated Mate Box Set

Limited Edition Collection of SciFi Romance Authors

To the deepest reaches of the galaxy these warriors will fight to find their fated mates. When their females are at the lowest in their lives they will twist the fabrics of existence and change everything in a blink of an eye. They will face slavers, hunters, computer matching systems, and so many obstacles that they will fight to the death to be together. Fated mates happen once in a lifetime, but will their bond be strong enough to stay together until the end. Find out by reading this limited edition box set filled with space, adventure, and fated mates between species never seen before on earth.

Featured Authors:

Diana Dawn, Susanna Eastman, Demelza Carlton, Katrina S. Karter, Danielle Forrest and Clare Dugmore

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