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Clarissa Bosch's Character Interview by: Katrina S. Karter

Hi everyone. Today Katrina S. Karter is going to do a character interview with her character Clarissa Bosch. She is the MF of her story in the Beyond Starlight box set. Check everything out below and happy reading.


Clarissa Bosch's

Where do you live?

New York.

Where do you work?

I work at the Earth Bureau of Interplanetary Agency (EBIA) as an Interplanetary Diplomat Liaison Analyst

How much do you make a year?


How would your friends describe you?

Impatient, brave, intelligent, determined, resourceful, bold, and unpredictable

Who is your best friend?

Ginnifer Adams

What is a weird fact about yourself?

I have an athletic build with a flat chest and little booty but I would like to be a curvy vixen

Fun Fact your friends know about you?

I prefer to cook then to eat out at restaurants or fast foods.

Fun fact your friends don’t know about you?

I vowed to never give my heart to man again.

What is a must have quality in a fated mate?


What are two dream quality in a fated mate?

Explosive sex, and security

What are the nicknames you call your fated mate?

Kyrie- means sir, Vasilias- means king

Katrina S. Karter's Author Logo


Katrina S. Karter is an author who loves to write. She writes in several genres, science fiction, steamy romance and so on. Her heroes are always spunky and self-sufficient while hopelessly falling in love with the alpha alien who is destined to worship her. At a young age she swiftly became addicted to the feeling of falling in love, from reading intimate, intricate love stories across all genres. Armed with a vivid imagination, she embarked on wielding her love for creating worlds with vivid characters into romance novels.

When she is in crafting romance novels, her hobbies include sailing, traveling, spending time with her family, and watching the latest Wuxia dramas whenever she can. She loves to interact with her fans and the best way to find out what is coming next is to subscribe to her newsletter.




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